29 May 2007

no comment

After tiring of repeatedly repairing to the delete key, I've decided to close this blog. You can thank one bitter person who would like to blame me for what she wrought upon herself and who is seeking venegence by leaving mean-spirited comments. I think it's healthier for her if she doesn't have access to my life.

If you would like to follow me elsewhere in the blogosphere, please send me an email.


norkawest at gmail.com said...

I’m saddened that you are pulling the plug on your blog. It has been interesting to follow remotely the “doings” in Akron from out here on the Left Coast. Highland Square was just a bicycle ride away when I was growing up. Is there still a bronze Indian near the Square? Does he still have both his arms or has someone stolen them again?

peppermintlisa said...

thanks for the comment.
You can follow Akron a bit through

And "Unk"--the Indian statue is still there! He has his body parts as far as I know. :)

twotymer97 said...

Awww, who is she? I'll comment her into oblivion!

I would like to follow you through the blogosphere...