17 May 2007

back in the saddle

So, I've been back from Prague for a week and, historically, I like to post anecdotes about my travels. Oh, I'll get around to that.*

I've been too busy soothing Scoonie's trauma at having to be alone with mean Uncle Geoff for over a week. This involves much listening to plaintive meows, imploring me to never.leave.again and a cat face repeatedly smooshed against my face. Delaney, well, she acts like she could care less, but I know better. I know she missed rolling around in the bathtub while I brushed my teeth.

Also what I've been doing
Yesterday I called my mom and said, "Guess what I did last night?" in a tone meant to imply "I did something that will make you clutch your chest with worry."

"Got yourself pregnant?" she asked.

If she would have played along and kept guessing, she might have also ventured:
• Crossed the street even though the signal said "DON'T WALK."
• Made your bed.
• Decided to become a Republican.

"I went...on a motorcycle ride," I replied, drawing out the drama.

"Oh, that's cool," she said nonchalantly.

Whaaa? Clearly, next time I need to tell her: "I went on a motorcycle ride...topless. And then I went home and made my bed."

I can't say riding on motorcycles will be a future avocation. When we got two blocks from my friend's house, I thought maybe this is enough; I'm pretty sure I have the idea.

I didn't exactly have confidence in the ability of my thighs to keep me attached to the bike, nor my arms wrapped around a similarly vulnerable human being. I perpetually envisioned myself catapulting off the small seat onto the less-than-sympathetic-at-45 mph pavement.

I did become more comfortable, zipping through the Cuyahoga Valley, and enjoyed the wind creeping into the helmet and more actively experiencing the landscape.

I even got a tattoo for the occasion. It was a temporary "Born to Read" tattoo, but whatever.

* Present motto.

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Erratic Scribbler said...

i guess i don't understand how you got pregnant on a moving motorcycle while you were sitting behind the other person.