22 April 2007

sundry sunday

• my jeans squeak.

• it's awkward seeing your gynecologist in public; would she really recognize my face?

• one Brach's jellybean equals 10 calories.

• a friend sent me a haiku:
boys make me restless
want to run up and down stairs
spring spring spring spring spring

• in about a week, I'm headed to Prague; right now I'm headed to the roller derby.


Pho said...

I'm officially more jealous of you than any other person I know. You are headed to Prague.

Ahh. Prague.

Have a great trip.

Charise said...

Just so you don't feel alone, my pants smell like burnt rubber...or something of that nature. Don't ask me why, they just do. And no, I'm not wearing spandex, I'm wearing jeans.

Anonymous said...
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