13 March 2007


It felt good. Really good to meander through the library, my arms burdened by books.

I seldom do this anymore, whereas it was my M.O. when I was growing up. My enthusiasm for knowledge was bolstered by idealism--that I would actually read everything I checked out.

I definitely read more then. Now my visits to the library so often consist of a brief exchange with the malodorous clerk when I pick up DVDs I had on hold. I'm always in the middle of a book or two; it just takes me longer to get through, and I've accumulated enough books of my own to not need to check out anymore.

It doesn't really matter how many books you own, though. You always want more. Book jackets are constantly flirting with you, suggesting you cheat on your current reading material.

I denied these overtures with logic. But yesterday at the library, I gave in a bit. And it felt good.


jay-c said...

Love the library! Unfortunately, the Cleveland Public Library decided to cancel my card, so I have to go get that fixed.

Last month I was reading about the painter Goya. Fun times!

part-time buddha said...

I rarely cheat on my current read, but I quite often check out books from the library just in case I want to read them some day. I have a shelf specifically for library books in my apartment.

Since moving to Cleveland, I've become a familiar face at the local library, though I don't like it as much as other libraries. They rely heavily on people searching their catalog and requesting the books they want, so the branch here isn't very big. I love, more than anything else about them, the browse-ability of libraries, what I call serendipitous searching.

Terra said...

Check out www.feedyourshelf.com. It's a site where you can record and rate the books you've read, and see what like-minded readers are reading. It's in development, but it's a pretty cool idea. The site was created by Bob, formerly of The Chief Source.

peppermintlisa said...

cool, i didn't know it was up already. thanks!