27 March 2007

eco blogging tuesday
i write on poop.

In my Xmas bag o' goodies from the Divine Miss Leslie was this notebook to the left, which just screamed "I eat tofu and sing Joni Mitchell songs to animals." So, right up my alley, then.

Leslie divined that the eco-sensibility of the item would charm the organic cotton pants off me.* But she also knew I'd especially thrill to the fact that the paper was eco-friendly because it was made of poop. Because poop charms my pants off everyday.

Just how is this paper made of poop and why is it ecologically friendly?

"In Sri Lanka, elephants are being killed simply because they interfere with agriculture. Many are now convinced that the only way elephants and human beings can exist successfully in the same environment is through finding ways to use the elephant as a sustainable economic resource.

Elephant dung is an end product. It provides a way of converting a liability into an asset in conflict areas. We believe that if the elephant is used as an economic asset so that it contributes meaningfully to the welfare of people, then the people themselves will not like to see it disappear from their area."

So says Eco Maximus company, which manufactures (by hand) the elephant dung paper. Elephant poop makes up 75% of the paper content, recycled paper makes up the rest. The paper is processed with no bleaches or acids. And, no worries, it doesn't smell like crap.

* Lest I tarnish Leslie's reputation for being slutties with the men, she was not trying to charm my pants off so she could have her way with me. She knows that would take more than poopy paper.


part-time buddha said...

I really want to meet the person who first looked at a pile of elephant poop and said, "That would make a beautiful notebook."

bec said...

this is awesome!

deBiase said...


Leslie said...

wait - did you just disparage my good name? or was that a compliment? i can't tell...