14 January 2007

flattery will get you a cat sitter

Saturday night Lindy Loo's boyfriend announced that should both she and he die in a car crash, they wanted me to adopt their cats. He may have been drunk when he said this. And he did not extend the request in the case of other scenarios that would render them dead. Only a car crash.

Still, he claimed seriousness, and I related because when I was in California I asked Katherine and Ben if they'd adopt my cats if something happened to me. (Really, this was just the polite thing to do since they asked me to foster their cat Scoonie nearly five years ago and I didn't give him back.)

I was flattered someone had taken a shine to my responsible, nurturing personality—one capable of caring for other living beings. The reality, though, is that they think I'm a cat lady. That I'm destined to wake up with fur stuck to the drool that dried on the corners of my mouth. That someday there won't be a wallet big enough to hold all the photos of my cats. And they just want to help me fulfill that destiny.

Thoughtful, really.


Katherine said...

Nothing will ever make for a fuller expression of your cat-ladydom as when you were sitting on your living room carpet covered in catnip and the cats that were partaking in it. That is some serious cat-lady-business.

peppermintlisa said...

"partaking" is much to subtle. Attacking me was more like it. And it was an accident. I don't routinely marinate in catnip.

part-time buddha said...

Cat-fur-stuck-in-dried-drool and mariniating in catnip? Tell me again why you think you're destined to become an old cat lady? That shit is HOT!

Anonymous said...

i was drunk.
but i was serious.
i called my lawyer and you're in the will.


Lindy Loo said...

E also referred to you as "brilliant" on the way home. Not sure if that was the beer talking as well, but I concur. You are the most brilliantest cat-lady I know. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

i don't remember the "brilliant" comment. i don't usually refer to anyone or anything as brilliant. i hereby deny saying that.


peppermintlisa said...

thanks for making my ego take a nose dive. just for that i will feed ruby dog food, should she ever come under my care.