25 December 2006

'tis the season

• I received a racist holiday newsletter in which my relatives lamented their decision to purchase a car from someone named Mohammed. (And, no, this letter was not written by my grandparents.)

• On Xmas eve, I clomped around in my mother's duck boots in the dark outside, holding my laptop and trying to find a wireless signal. (Because I am that devoted to my job.)

• I ate enough sugar to qualify as an honorary diabetic.

• My uncle sends my immediate family a box of sundry bath & body products every year b/c he works for a company that manufactures a variety of products; this year he included a small bottle of "personal lubricant." I gave it to my parents. "For your new house," I told them.

• Another menorah-less year for my cat Scoonie.

• The torrential sound of my brother's eliminating ten Hi-C juiceboxes (drank in twenty minutes) woke up my father in the middle of the night.

• A relative generously handed out trinkets to all 20 or so of us. I got a small plastic dish with a 39¢ sticker still on the bottom. God bless 'er.

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