06 November 2006

the naming of things

I'm trying to think of a name for my iPod. Its previous owner bequeathed it to me with the name SUKKOT, for my benefit. But I wish to not go with such a seasonal name.

I just don't have the best history of naming things. First goldfish: Goldie. Guinea pig: Shannon. (Shannon?!?) I didn't have to name my cat Scoonie, but I did name my cat Delaney—after a week of deliberation and reneging the name Flicka. While I like the name Delaney, it just doesn't seem right still—and for a cat, at that.

I went into cat adoption with such good naming intentions. Bianca, Bijou, Finnigan, Elijah, Sebastian...these were some of the names I reserved for naming cats. Yet, when I picked out my calico girl, none seemed to fit her.

To the baby-naming book I went.

[Aside: I adored baby-naming books when I was younger. Not for divining names of my future children, but for the many characters I conjured in writing. I copped to being a "writer," but really I was just into character development.]

I decided on Delaney. And now I worry she's living this false existence as "Delaney" when really she's a Penelope or Daphne.

Lord knows I don't want the same fate for my iPod. Oh, no.
It's not like other inanimate objects that people sometimes name. I never latched onto a name for cars I owned or for my computer. The iPod, though, its name pops up everytime I hook it up to my computer. It'll be a constant reminder of my naming prowess (or lack thereof).

It's gotta be good.

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