28 November 2006

eco blogging tuesday
not so much.

I'm rebelling against eco-blogging Tuesday by hopping on a jet plane to Calif. tomorrow morning. As soon as I land in LA, I'm gonna find me a bobble-headed, anorexic celebrity to feed the mountain cat I've killed for dinner. After dinner, I'll chew some gum. And. throw.the.wrapper.out.the.window.

'Til next time, my friends, consider this site: How Can I Recycle This? in which people ask "how can I reuse an old toothbrush, an expired condom, stale fritos, etc?" And, then, other people answer. Jolly good.

It reminds me of the "what the heck can i do with this?" forum on crafter. In which crafty gals and guys share their ideas of how to creatively re-use items like AOL CD tins everyone gets in the mail or old books or buttons or pantyhose. (I don't know; i use my old pantyhose when I rob liquor stores. I consider that creative re-use.)

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