10 September 2006

weekend notes

• After composing a long-winded TXT message, it's my fate that I will invariably press a button which disappears the message. (Thus I deprived snogash of a little chirpy beep, telling her that, yes, she has a TXT message. Snog, I hope your Saturday was still fulfilling without a msg from me.)

Not Another Date Movie: probably not as funny if I was sober.

• My ass can just NOT rock a pair of tight capri pants.

• When will I learn not let a writing assignment hang over my head, when I know that I'm not going to do it at the last minute? And that's just fine because I write better then anyway.

• Check and see if there's an OSU game on next time I plan to go to a bar.

• Coventry Village: not what it used to be.

• According to the outfits of American Apparel employees, terry cloth headbands are totally in.

Fast Food Nation has gotten me pumped about reading again.

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