26 September 2006

eco blogging tuesday
the litter riddle

I know I'd probably earn my title as resident cat lady ten times over if I trained my cats to do their business in the toilet. But, if you're a cat owner, you have to see the obvious advantage. NO STINKY LITTER BOX.

I'm not going to endorse cats using toilets (and I'm not going to condemn it either). But I will send you to a recent post about the eco ramifications of cat litter. I found it on Eco Worrier, which is a column in The Times (in the UK). (I would probably read the column just for its clever—and so apt—name, but I've also found good insights there.

Back to cat litter. I've been using Fresh Step for a couple years now because it seems to work well enough, esp. when there are four cats in the house. I hate the dust that billows up from it when I clean the boxes, though, and usually try to wear a dust mask. Good thing I have been. According to Eco Worrier, dust in the clay of scoopable cat litter is carcinogenic.

Oh not to mention that the cats ingest the clay when licking their cute little paws, and it can form a solid mass in their intestines, causing problems. Oh, and, according to Natural Home magazine, roughly 1.5 million tons of clay are mined annually for kitty litter; much is strip mined, which destroys land and habitat.

Crap. (pun intended) I hadn't given a lot of thought to cat litter before. I did try Yesterday's News, which is made from old newspapers. But I was not a fan.

Eco Worrier and some of her readers recommend World's Best Cat Litter. And it has a great customer rating on PetSmart.com. It's made from corn. And it clumps, is flushable and biodegradable. Boo-ya!

I think I'll try it.

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