11 September 2006

eco blogging tuesday
be a local yokel

Since reading about it in the West Side Leader of all places, I've been waiting for the Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy to post its Countryside Harvest Guide.

The guide is "your resource for finding farm-fresh, locally grown produce and delicious foods made right here in Northeast Ohio." There's a Harvest Guide, Northeast Ohio Farm Directory, Farmers' Market Directory, Listing of area CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and a directory of restaurants that serve local food.

Driving through Ohio, you're bound to pass farm stands, but I sometimes hesitate because I'd like to buy organic produce in addition to local. (A tall order, I know, which--when you think about it--is actually absurd.) But the farm directory breaks it down.

So, for instance, I now know that the Crown Point Ecology Center sell certified organic produce at the Peninsula Farmers’ Market, which is on Saturdays, 9-noon until Oct. 7. And that there's two farms in Brecksville that sell free-range, uncertified organic eggs in addition to chicken and uncertified organic produce.

And I learned that there's a bevy of Cleveland-area restaurants that use local produce, but only two in Akron.

I can't say if these guides haven't overlooked some farms/restaurants, but it's great effort. Hopefully, the list will grow as more people realize the importance of eating local and organic.

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