28 September 2006

Craft Lady

Don't let the title of this post fool you. I spend waaaaay more time contemplating crafting than I do actually crafting. And the Internet fuels my seldom-executed crafting fascination. It is serendipitious, I suppose, that both blogs and hip crafting culture emerged at the same time, and, so presently, there are many great crafty resources and inspiration online.

If you are a crafter (or an appreciator of craft), check out the following:

A bird in the hand Lisa Congdon has received some well-deserved accolades of late for creations and general creativity.

Whip Up culls posts from several craftsters out there, from a variety of craft "genres": sewing, knitting, ceramics, felting, jewelry-making, etc.

Craft: is the new kid on the block, with a print pub (out in Oct.) and blog to boot. Not to mention that there's usually several updates a day (so good for serial net surfers).

I just found One-hour Craft, and it taunted me with its post on fabric wall panels that I totally had the idea to do—about three years ago. The thing is, it would be sooo easy.

I like to visit Dioramarama occasionally; she mostly covers quilting, a craft that awes me, but has been doing some knitting as of late.

For inspiration, print and pattern is an awesome blog. I love it, but I don't visit it everyday. All of the stunning and vibrant patterns shown make me feel like I'll implode. All the creativity gives me an inferiority complex.

For both inspiration and possible purchases, check out Etsy. Crafters sell everything from art to purses to jewelry to homemade bath bombs. A lot of great stuff here, but some mediocrity, too.

One Etsy seller is Michelle Caplan, who is an amazing collage artist.

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