13 August 2006

Rt. 2

Eric Clapton still lords over Route 2, and this makes me happy.

Every time I travel between Huron and Cleveland, there's a quick sequence of three or four bridges. Because I don't travel the route very often, I never remember on which bridge the graffiti is—the sloppily sprayed "Clapton is God."

So at first, I think I've missed it or maybe it's gone, after years and years. This thought disappoints me, though it's silly. I suppose it's something to look for in an otherwise boring landscape. And it's the comfort of knowing that some things don't change.

It's still there, the graffiti. It's quite faded though, weather-eroded to the point that you have to search for it. It doesn't jump out at drivers. Clapton is a subtle god now.

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