20 August 2006


I feel rejected. Yesterday rejected our months of work. The weather rejected our romantic dreams. And we're forced to settle for the nice, predictable but less enchanting Aug. 26. A second choice is difficult to get excited about, even when you know it's for the best.

Could we have had Art in the Square yesterday? Sure, but many artists would have pulled out. They didn't want to set up in the rain and risk damage to their art. Also, not as many people would have come out for the event when the weather was crappy.

It was such a difficult decision to postpone Art in the Square until next Saturday. The Friday event at the Highland Theater went wonderfully, and the energy for the supposed festival the next day swelled. We had money invested in the event's being Aug. 19. Not to mention time. Our chief coordinator spent hours and hours of time on the event, including lots of time literally stalking people to get signatures so we could close Market Street. It was such a plus to have gotten the street closed.

Now we'll have to recapture that energy for next week. The artists will be there. Most of the bands will be there. I hope you'll be there, too.

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