03 August 2006

mega doesn't bite

As of late, I've rebuffed the blogosphere for the following: work, Art in the Square*, sleep and travel. My traveling has, unfortunately, been condensed versions. Because apparently this blogger thinks 24 hours is ample time to sample Chicago. Was it still worth it? Sure.

I left for Chicago on Sunday morning with two friends, who were headed to the last day ofPitchfork Music Festival. I wasn't quite sure what I would do, but I hoped it would involve finding unique, adorable clothing and/or shoes that I couldn't find in Ohio. We took Mega Bus.

Part of me signed on to the trip just to take this bus. Because it's budget travel, I envisioned splendid misshaps and characters to later recount. But, as one of my travel companions noted, the bus drivers are bigger characters than the passengers.

The journey to the land of hot jazz and deep dish pizza was rather uneventful. Sleepiness subsumed my devious scheming to steal our driver's stash of beef jerky. (Not to eat the beef jerky, but just because.)

The bus was similar to a Greyhound bus. A little more rickety, and the forced whimsy of the upholstery patterns didn't disguise the prickly acryllic of the seats.


Perhaps it's my Super Senser qualities, but the entire back of the bus smelled like a urinal. The whole trip. I risked dehydration just to avoid having to use it.

It didn't matter how much water I drank during the trip; it was just so flippin' hot. I could describe the heat more, but we're all pretty bored of the comparisons by now. Despite the heat, many of the hipsters who populated the bus on the ride home still wore their skinny-leg jeans. (C'mon, just Clap Your Hands and Say...No.)

Round trip, Mega bus cost me $55. But I only booked it 5 days in advance. If you plan ahead, you can book it for as little as a dollar. Seriously.

One of my friends wrote about the trip here. In his defense, any choppiness was edited into the story. He can't write a short sentence to save his [postmodern] life..

* Plug: Art in the Square: a festival featuring Highland Square artists, Saturday, Aug. 19 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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