29 August 2006

how many is too many?

...cats, that is.

An interesting (and applicable to my life) Ask MetaFilter question: How many cats is too many.

Many responders agreed with this reply:
One or two is reasonable. Three and you're a little odd. Four is borderline weird-o. Five is certifiable craziness.

There's also:

0-2 normal.
3-4 cat lover.
5-6 Excessive. Suspicion that the owner may have abandonment issues :)
7+ Warning bells. Person at risk of a lonely death with only feline companions who have overrun the house, and will feed on the corpse when the catfood runs out.

1 less than enough to smell.

I agree. My roommates and I have four cats between us (though in a big house) and, thank jeebus, our house does not smell.

No one mentioned anything about cat hair. I would say 'only so many cats that make you vacuum no more than once a week.'

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