20 July 2006

woulda, coulda

I would have written something else tonight for ye olde blog, but I spent entirely too much time on myspace, looking at everyone who went to my high school that has a myspace page.

It's very interesting how the demographic skews on myspace. Many people on it I barely knew of in high school and many on it were always on the periphery. The "big names" from high school are decidedly absent, but people from the fringes—many with kids of their own—dominate myspace.

Of course, people may have chosen not to list their high school on their profile. So it's interesting that all these high school "fringe people" affiliated with our high school on their profiles. Even though so many of them were alienated from or disliked high school.

* * *

The girl who chased me around the playground when I was in first grade, scaring the absolute living bejeebus out of me, now has four rugrats of her own.

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