23 July 2006

hard rock life

It's not been a desire of mine to dine at a Hard Rock Café. (Ok, perhaps in fifth grade, it was, as I envied classmates' souvenir tee shirts—Hard Rock Dallas, Hard Rock Indianapolis...) Nevertheless, time and circumstance found me at the Hard Rock Café in Cleveland with one of my friends from high school.

hard rock cosmo

If you haven't been to one in this chain, that's what it is: a chain. Like Applebee's but with rock videos playing on TV screens. My friend Hartman and I sat transfixed by Sammy Hagar, who is like a traffic wreck—you can't help but look,and Concrete Blonde (Joey, I'm not angry anymore.)

mark crop

After drinks, Hartman presented me with a gift. From our other friend RGB and him. They purchased it at Bob Evans, which is cause for concern unless it's pie. Also cause for concern is the last time RGB and Hartman collaborated on a gift for me: Pimento ham loaf (even though I was a vegetarian at the time). This is what they got me:

cats sign

Because especially Hartman thinks it's funny that I'll end up a cat-hair covered spinster (or that I am already). I only have two cats, dammit.

But, oh, this plaque will go so perfectly with my bonneted ceramic geese that I have in my mantle!! All hail Wedgewood blue.

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