02 July 2006

breaking news!

At my job, I am the recipient of many press releases. Many do not relate to my work in the least. The following is one such release, the zeal and subject of which makes my eyes roll.


The Barkley, Cleveland’s long-awaited “pet hotel and day spa”, has broken ground at 27349 Miles Road in Orange Village. The 24-hour campus will feature hotel suites with televisions and web cams, a full-service beauty salon and day spa, a rehab center with indoor pool and aqua treadmills, Canine University obedience training and Cleveland’s first artificially-turfed indoor play area.

The Barkley is a luxury-style experience, for both dogs and cats, which meets and exceeds all of the current industry standards for pet care. The Barkley’s trained and caring professionals provide constant attention and interaction with pets and offer incomparable customer service and animal expertise to ensure each pet’s comfort, safety, and happiness.

I'm not quite sure why dogs and cats need TVs and web cams. Not to mention a "day spa."

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