14 June 2006

of all the ingredients in mayonnaise I've loved...

Somewhat following my last post and the comments it generated, I thought I'd preach the gospel of vinegar.Yes, indeed.

There are people out there who worship vinegar, the apple cider variety in particular, as a panacea. But I'm not the type to put all my eggs in one basket. (Well, having one ovary, I literally do. Metaphorically, no.)

Nonetheless, I want to extol its fine virtues—helpful to leading a non-toxic life.

Vinegar contains natural anti-bacterial properties. Heinz—a manufacturer of vinegar—claims it kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold and 80% of viruses. But there are plenty of studies that corroborate, if not precisely, these facts.

I use it to clean the bathroom, metal faucets and windows. I know, I know. The smell is a little offputting, at first. I usually add some drops of tea tree oil to mitigate it. It's also supercheap to buy a huge container of vinegar and periodically refill a spray bottle with it.

You can also use vinegar to kill weeds in the driveway, to un-stick—and even un-clog—drains and eliminate mildew. Google vinegar; it will free.your.mind.

I'm also a baking soda advocate. I use it in the bathroom and kitchen as a surfactant. It also does a really good job of getting stains out of melamine dishes.

This may all be common knowledge, but I figured I'd throw it up here in hopes of converting someone new. (And also because I'm in a writing rut.)

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