17 May 2006

the two times in my life that i littered

(that I know of)

1) Nearly empty Liquor bottle out the window of a moving car on the backroads of Columbia Station. (Ok, all roads in Columbia Station are back roads.) Hey, I was sixteen and "sleeping over a friend's house"; it was 1 a.m., my sixteen-year old friend was intoxicated, the driver was 19 (thus contributing to our delinquency), and there was a cop following us. I couldn't bring myself to toss the half-full bottle of rum, so I buried it in my "overnight bag."

*disclaimer: this is the most delinquent thing I ever did, my high school years filled as they were with marching band routines, yearbook pages to design and not going on dates.

2) A candidate's promotional flyer for student senate in college. As the man-child, whose puffed chest bore greek letters, handed me a flyer, I gave him a dead-eyed stare. My reflex was to ball up the flyer and throw it on the ground. Two seconds later I realized I was the environmental club president, littering.

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