08 May 2006

entrepreneurial schemes that just
haven't worked out for me

Writing anecdotes for Reader's Digest: I tried to rally my clever high school pals into thinking of blurbs to submit for its "day in the life" or "campus comedy" sections. They weren't wooed by the promise of $350 for 100 words. (And that's why I'm a journalist and they're all in grad school. Or snorting coke, whatever.)

The Party Organizers: I was nine—NINE—and my friends and I thought we could feasibly start a party planning business. We made and distributed flyers in the neighborhood and consequently wondered why no one called.

Lemonade stand, circa 1988: Friend and I drank all the merchandise.

Resurrection of 6th Grade Pet-sitting business: I ran a humbly successful pet-sitting business when I was eleven. The summer after I graduated high school, I repeatedly invoked my past success as a possible way out of my crappy job at Kaufmann's. I considered "repeatedly invoking" on par with an actual attempt at re-establishing the business.

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