23 May 2006

bear 'rasslin' update

Thanks for your comments and e-mails about this topic. Glad to hear other people are appalled and/or think this sort of "entertainment" is outmoded redneck crap.

Here's what people dug up today:

The same bear & owner made the AP wire when the act appeared at the IX Center.

"The animals' owner, Sam Mazzola, of World Animal Studios, says he has a sanctuary for the animals, and pointed out that he rescued nearly all of the animals...The owner said the bears are not drugged or muzzled, and they have all of their teeth and claws."

Mazzola's got PETA against him. Even though I'm wary of PETA, I agree with its stance that bear wrestling should be outlawed, as it is in 20 other states.

"Alongside lobbying efforts to ban bear wrestling, PETA is asking the United States Department of Agriculture to revoke Mazzola’s animal exhibition license, with claims of ongoing cruelty to animals, violations of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, impersonation of a USDA zoologist, as well as injury and property damage caused by his captive bears."

Yeah, I'm amused by the fact that he calls himself a "zoologist". Zoologists don't live in Columbia Station. On a farm with bears and tigers. Oh, or pimp their pets out to a sketchy night club.

Oh, or have a laundry list of crimes and violations. Such as trafficking cocaine and illegally possessing firearms.

Not that anyone should have to prove Mazzola's lack of integrity based on these other facts. That he exploits animals is enough.

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