29 May 2006

are you ready for this celly?

This is my cell phone.

Not quite the modern, sleek model that's so thin you can hide it under your fingernail. While it does offer a variety of ringtones, they all sound...pixel-ly. I can't surf the Internet on it, voice-activate it or take photos. I can't even enable the voice mail.

When I pull my cellphone out, it evokes comments like, "What's up, Zack Morris!" or "Put that thing away. Now." or "No wonder your purse is so heavy."

Basically, I don't qualify as a "cell phone user". This is one of those pre-paid jobbies, so I use it sparingly. People know—or should know by now—that they can't reach me on it. Among my peers, I am a telephone Luddite. Everyone I know who reads this blog—except Lauren, that dirty hippy—has a cell phone.

I will soon join "everyone." I have tried to resist, not wanting to become a slave to a cell phone as I am a slave to e-mail. I know how easy it will be to fill silence with phone conversations because it's just...easier. I know I'll become a cell-phone talking driver, despite a theoretical opposition to the practice. And I'll use call waiting, even though I hate being put on hold myself.

Dear readers, I am weak. Weak and practical. Having to find my calling card and address book to make a long distance call while knowing cell phone users hit one or two buttons gets to be frustrating. Playing perpetual phone tag with busy Katherine is disappointing.

I considered the costs. It's the same price to have a regular cell phone as it is to have my land line and pre-paid cell phone. Plus I have free calls to other Verizon users—i.e. just about everyone I'd be calling.

And, oh yeah, I can program different ringtones for different people. I've already started thinking about who gets what song. (Unfortunately, I doubt the song Parents are People from "Free to Be You and Me" will be among the options. But that would've been cool fun to have as my parents' ringtone.)

So I will soon join the ranks of 10-year olds everywhere by becoming a new cell phone user. Stay tuned.

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