21 April 2006

lunch break meme

in my fridge
1. Rhiesling
2. lots of leftovers...
3. including Robbie's homemade borscht
4. Quorn fake chicken & fake meatballs
5. lots of mustards, i noticed. (not mine)

in my [kitchen] closet
1. Trivial Pursuit, Boogle, et al.
2. A box of old candle stubs that I was going to use to melt down and make new candles, until I realized paraffin is bad.
3. A bag of cardboard--from cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc--that I save to give my brother to recycle in Kent because they don't take it in Akron.
4. Cat nip (aka kitty marijuana)
5. Absinthe

in my purse
1. my USB flash drive
2. a veritable pharmacy
3. Sweet Tarts
4. wee notebook
5. Burt's Bees

in my car
1. yoga mat
2. roller blades
(jeez...this makes me appear athletic. don't be fooled.)
3. old copies of artemis and luna negra
4. grapefruit essential oil
5. maps, lots of maps.

on Katherine and Ben's TiVo, which I watched
1. The Daily Show
2. Project Runway
3. The Andy Milonakis Show

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