18 April 2006

because don't we all have a giant
in us that needs a purse?

People tend to think I'm rather crafty because sometimes I make things. I also own a lot ofthings to make things with. Most of what I make are gifts. I believe, if you have a modicum of skill, homemade gifts are best. Also, then I get to hear people say, "Oh, you're so creative."

Katherine says I'm great at sewing, when, in fact, I'm rather a charlatan. This should have revealed itself to her during my visit to California. I was helping her with some sewing basics, and I nearly became complicit in the Great Gingham Giant Tote debaclé.

As I tried to gently foist my predilection for thinner purse straps on her project, Katherine firmly asserted her desire for "double-D" straps, as she wanted a large bag.

So we cut, we ironed, we sewed. (Rather, she cut, ironed and sewed. I ate melted Junior Mints out of a box with a spoon.)

Then she held the in-progress tote up, slinging a strap over her shoulder. If we continued, the bag would literally reach her knees. I believe the word is ginormous. Rather than being appropriate to carry a knitting project or two, it looked like it would be able to hold the contents of an entire knitting store.

The project was at a point at which it could be corrected--and spared as an accessory to someone with HGH. Katherine's knitting bag may come to fruition, but she could also consider retaining its gigantic proportions. I think it'd make a nice gift to her sister Elizabeth because E could use it to carry around both her young daughters.

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