12 March 2006

the wall

A number of years ago, I moved beyond decorating my walls with posters and cool calendar pages. But finding affordable, unique and attractive art proves challenging. While I have the best of intentions to create my own art to adorn my walls, the reality is this:

my bedroom
what hangs above my bed, photo courtesy of Leslie and her blog.

Recently, I come across several sources for cool, reasonably priced solutions for wall art. Because many of you who read ye olde blog have similar tastes and budgets, I thought I'd share my findings.

I heart fabrics, though I really need to translate that love into a true relationship with them. (i.e. not just stash them, but sew with them.) The beauty of Marimekko Fabrics made me swoon.

tree fabric

leaves fabric

But the price ($38 a yard) deterred me from adding any to my collection. However, the designs are very well suited to stretching across a wood frame, and insta-art.

The site textile arts also has Marimekko and Ljungbergs fabrics.


yellow arcs

red flowers

You can buy any of the fabrics there as a wall-hanging kit. Cost range between $50 and $130.

At Thumbtack Press, artists can submit works for consideration to be sold as high-quality prints on the site. Prices run $20-$30, but I quibble that the pieces typically are small prints. There's some cool ones, though.

twenty birds

cafe bustelo
we have a can of Café Bustelo in our dining room--filled with loose change.

this one's for Adam. too bad it's pink.

Prepare to spend oodles of time at Etsy. It's not just art; it's "your place to buy and sell all things handmade." Ok, that means there's some crap, but there's also stuff to rival the John Belushi "College" poster.

I like the work of BlackApple:
walkman girl


I've been in love with the wrapping paper designs of eieio studio for a while. But I've always thought they were too pretty to use to wrap something and then just be thrown away. I think they'd look great framed. There's no where in Ohio to buy them, but you can get some designs online at Luxe Paperie. $3.50 for a sheet.



Design within Reach has a set of 4 eieio designs (12 sheets in all) on sale for $24.99 right now.

Happy decorating!

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