20 March 2006

dream a little dream

I try to avoid telling people about dreams I had. Most of the time, it's difficult to convey fantastic, nonsensical dreams because, um, they're nonsensical. So it's not much fun for the listener or reader.

I'm still alternately enchanted, flummoxed and agitated by dreams. They're one of the few things we've figured out. I also love that delirious, half-awake state. Everything seems just so gosh darn brillant in this state. I'm just so glad I'm not actually awake, otherwise, I'd be doing some wacky things.

This morning I half consciously devised an idea for my wedding (if I ever have one). Instead of wearing a gown and tux, the bride and groom would wear ringer tees with the words "boy" and "girl" printed on them, respectively. STELLAR! I waved away my predilection for pretty dresses with the conviction that my idea was so effing amazing and original.

Now that I'm coherent and realize I'm not a performance artist, I'm back to dresses. Call me conventional.

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