21 February 2006

so dorky together

In college I went to an anthropology club party. All the guy anthro grad students were smart and hot. The giver of the party had already unintentionally wooed me when I saw him picking recyclables out of a trash can to recycle them. (Bestill my heart!) And then, at the party, he unveiled scenes from Pulp Fiction recreated in Legos. (Swooning, I was swooning!)

Far from scoffing at the wasted time, I admire the quirky nerdiness of those who recreate scenes out of Legos.

Scenes like this from Brokeback Mountain:

In the true marriage of nerdiness, this guy recreates scenes from all Star Wars movies.

Ok, perhaps the Star Wars one is a bit too involved to be considered cutely quirky. However, as a past builder of a Lego Pompeii, I can't help but imagine the dorks behind Lego recreations and daydream about how dorky we could be together.

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