13 February 2006

can you feel the love this week
corn with a Q

I've been too busy (or lazy—your choice) to write much lately, but for the sake of writing something and for the sake of foisting my proclivities upon people, this week I decided to post things that have recently won my affections. This is in NO way a coincidence with a certain February holiday that may be tomorrow, for I have no love for this holiday. (There's not even a signature candy that marks the holiday that I really like. That means a lot; I was practically baptized because of jelly beans.)

My first objet d'amour is Quorn.
Quorn makes several "fake meat" products, which will ostensibly expedite my eventual return to vegetarianism. When I was a vegetarian, I was not the type who eschewed foods that mimicked meat. I liked meat—such explains my return to carnivory. Morningstar Farms satisfied me at the time, and until recently I was still buying Morningstar Chix nuggets—or preferably Boca nuggets—because, though I still eat meat, I do not eat much of it.

But now I've got a new fake meat in my life. Quorn products taste like the real thing—in my opinion. I've had the chicken nuggets, chicken patties, chicken chunks and turkey pot roast. And I give props to them all. Somehow, they're made without soy and without as much sodium as you'd usually find in such foods.*

Granted, a box of fake chicken nuggets is $4 or $5, but real meat is pricey, too, and this is without the guilt. Try it, you'll like it.

* It appears as if Quorn is made from a parasitic wheat fungus that is fermented and mixed with egg. This is suspect to some people. Until I learn more, I'm lovin' it.

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