31 January 2006

name that song

In my hope to hear Switch by Will Smith, I was flipping stations in the car the other day. But a soprano curling out of my speakers stopped me with one word: Lisa.

It's a natural narcissistic response. Plus my name has not been immortalized in many popular songs. Do Jennys or Carolines or Sarahs pause whenever their eponymous songs play on the radio? Songs invoking these ladies' names play frequently. But tell me the last time you heard Sad Lisa by Cat Stevens. "Lisa lisa, sad lisa lisa."

I had never heard the song I heard the other day before. The voice sang, "I'm not Lisa; my name is Julie." I could picture the chanteuse in a drapy polyester disco dress, belting out this AM Gold-worthy song. "His hand led hers away/ She left you have drowning in your tears/ Here where you've stayed for years/ Crying,Lisa,Lisa" The singer of I'm not Lisa is not named Julie but one Jessi Colter.

So I started thinking, is this all the glory my name will get in popular--or unpopular--music? You can bet I headed to Google to find out.

My first find was the song Life After Lisa by Bowling for Soup. I don't know why I've never heard of this band—and song before. It should be a classic.
"You stole my heart when Eddie Vedder was king/ I gave you a foot massage, I gave you my ring/ You left me for a drummer cause you said I couldn't sing/ But, That's ok"

I've actually heard of Blessed Union of Souls, who sing I Believe.
"I've been seeing Lisa now for a little over a year/ She said she's never been so happy but Lisa lives in fear/ That one day daddy's gonna find out she's in love/ With a n----- from the streets."
It's oh-so Papa don't Preach.

My search revealed that Lisa is a rather popular name in rap lyrics, which I'd never know 'cuz I try to stay away from that stuff. Like the song Pimping.
"Yeah Lisa and Kim, they "Straight Outta Ca$hville"
I met 'em with Buck, in his mansion in Nashville
My bitch from the D used to live on Marshall block
I put a foot to her ass like, martial arts
I got a stable of hoes in the, C-P-T

I'll be on the lookout for lyrics that don't contain both my name and "stable of hoes".

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