15 December 2005

Organic schmattes

Just a few picks...

Who says organic is no frills? Here's an organic cotton shirt, made at a non-profit employment program in India by handicapped or disadvantaged women. $28

Tee-shirts. Simple, but these men's style tees are made from hemp and organic cotton in fair-trade conditions. And they're only $10 each.

Ahhh. Environmentally responsible clothing in colors other than sand, dirt and sea. This $24 shirt is from Bamboosa. Have you ever felt bamboo fiber material? It's soooo soft. Sweatshop-free.

You could actually wear this comfy shirt to the office, not just to a PETA meeting. Women at a co-op in Nicaragua make them. Only $30 right now.

Now I mostly get my sweaters at the thrift store, so I'm not used to paying more than $5. However, $56 ain't too bad for a pretty 100% hemp sweater, which was not processed with any chemicals.

This cute and non-hippyish organic skirt is $60.

To find more organic clothes—or anything and everything organic—check out The Organic Pages

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