29 December 2005

end o year

It's that time of year—the time for top ten and "best of" lists. I'm not going to subject you to a list of my take on 2005's top ten albums (did I even buy ten albums this year?) or detail the cats' "best of" moments this year. I will offer this year in review, per quotes from friends' emails. Of course, some friends are over-represented as my primary mode of conversation with them is e-mail. And some have said funny things, but in the effort to not hit 1,000 emails in my inbox, I do delete.

February 5
"Keep me posted about your pursuits. My marriage pursuits are going peachy. I love ben. A lot."
- katherine

February 8
"I can't believe that harvey asked if you are a lesbian (or lesbionic, whatever)."
- katherine

February 23
"Philosophical discussions are only useful for taking breaks from the REALLY important stuff. Like porking."

"I won't kick her ass, lest I be accused of behaving in an oppressively patriarchal role."

"Philosophical question: is it really 'making out' if what you're 'making out' with doesn't 'make out' back (i.e. your pillow)?"
-Lindy Loo

April 16
"Eventually I found the kitten—in my engine fan, scared to death, but otherwise healthy. I called upon CAPTAIN AMERICA for the first time in months and we rescued him with a rubber spatula."

June 10
"Hey, please please take a pic of your hairy dad. You don't even have to show his face."
I know, I know. I've brought this quote out before.

June 15
"Do you wear coke-bottle-thick glasses like me? Hurray!"
--Lindy Loo

August 28
"I'd like to design a development right next to the Village of Chapman Grove and call it 'The Goddamn Enchanted Flamingo Palace under the Merry, Merry Sparkling Lagoon of Forgotten Time.'"

September 28
"But I still feel important, in that toadie sort of way."

October 20
"I did try something new to get rid of my cold though. Rubbing alcohol kills germs on surfaces, so vodka must kill germs on the inside of my body. Bad idea. Vodka and sick bodies don't mix.

October 21
"Get back to being a good pseudo-jew."

November 1
" Yeah i like old movies. especially old movies with corey haim and corey feldman in them."

December 27
"Yo, yo, yo, L-Money-I still don't know how I feel about a real call from you. I might freak out and drop the phone."

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