27 November 2005

thanks for the sound bytes

verbal snapshots from Thanksgiving break

“I told the neighbor that I almost hate to buy a 20 pound bag of dog food, you know, because Misha’s pretty old.”

On seeing license plate II YOT YM:
Me: "What the heck does that mean? I'm so bad at deciphering license plates."
KLR: "If other people can't understand your vanity plate, you shouldn't get it."
Me: "Oh, I got it! Read it backward! Damn, I'm smart."
KLR: "But it's on a mini-van. A mini-van is not a toy."
Me: "Buy a freakin' Barbie. I will never drive a mini-van."
KLR: "Me either. I'd drive a Volvo wagon."
Me: "I want a station wagon now."
KLR: “Me, too. I lust after station wagons.”

“It’s ok; my mom has a fake tooth, too.”

scrabble fun:
“Grandma, tautees is not a word…In fact, it sounds kinda dirty.”

"It was pretty terrible there, but if I had never went to Leesville, I would have never seen the midget stripper."

“Is that Justin’s phone vibrating? I thought it was the dog vomiting.”

KLR: "Do you know how to play canasta?"
Me: "No, I'm not a seventy-year old Jew living in Florida..."
MH: "Yet."

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