01 November 2005

quilty as charged

I've been enamored of quilting for a while—since I discovered not all quilts were of this variety:

bad quilt

I think I'm drawn to the contemporary designs because of its calculated aesthetic. They speak to both my pragmatic and creative sides. Before I'd seen quilts like the one below, I'd been creating cards with very similar styles.


neighborhood quilt

The quilts above are by Denyse Schmidt—a couture quilter. Prior to ten to twenty years ago, the idea of couture quilts would have probably been laughable. However, the revival of domestic arts and crafts has lent credence to quilting as a valid artform.

Hence, the celebration of the quilts of Gee's Bend. The quilters in Gee's Bend weren't just discovered in the last few years; companies had been employing them to quilt for decades. But their work was only recently considered an artform.

gees bend

I personally find the Gee's Bend quilts awesome. I saw the exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art; the beauty of the quilts' simplicity and necessity was breathtaking. Quilting offers us aesthetic value, but also historical and personal value.

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