28 November 2005

no, i'm not sleeping with john campanelli

I thought I'd set the record straight beforeLindy Loo started pestering me again, asking me if I was sleeping with someone at the Plain Dealer.

If I was sleeping with someone at the Plain Dealer, I'd expect more than repeated quotes in the Cleveland Blogosphere. Like a job.

This Sunday, Mr. Campanelli featured the fourth? fifth? quote from ye olde blog. He quoteth my words about peppermint stick ice cream. Personally, I think he should have excerpted something from my open letter to Melissa Etheridge. I've never had as much traffic on this site or comments from people I don't know (or are not paying handsomely to leave remarks) then when I wrote about Melissa Etheridge.

Perhaps I should take on more adult contemporary musicians. It gives rabid fans fodder when they troll the Internet, looking for those who besmirch the names of their beloved icons of crappy music. Watch out, would-be-minions of Shania, Celine, et al. My sarcasm will unhinge you.

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