23 November 2005

I am thankful. . .

• I don't have to spend my Thursday excavating turkey viscera, only to replace it with wet bread.

• Someone was sympathetic to my aversion to fruit & grain combinations and ordered me a french silk pie. (It's all MINE! Take your silly taste buds over to the pumpkin or apple pies.)

• For red velvet '70s chairs, Biederlack blankets, periwinkle comforters, squishy pillows, trash-picked ottomans, herbs hanging in the window, fresh-baked bread, handwritten notes, stacks of books, hot showers, friendly neighbors, wonderful kitty cats.

• For blogs. (Seriously.)

• For snow. (Now I'm kidding.)

• That Saturday I get to go to Bazaar Bizarre!

• For words like malleable, translucent, jelly, obstreperous, malevolent, elixir, antipathy, frothy, quotidien, frappe and pell-mell. (Words like and and the are pretty cool, too—in their own simple way.)

• I'm so damn lucky—for supportive friends, an awesome family, no real worries in the grand scheme of things.

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