11 October 2005

potty mouth

My trip to Portland landed me at the start of its rainy season—and in the middle of potty-training season.

Although I stayed at my aunt and uncle's house, I spent a lot of time with my cousins and their children—two of whom are two and a half. It's been a while since I've been around little kids for an extended length of time, so I enjoyed the opportunity. The immersion in a world centered around poop and pee in the "big toilet", naturally, amused me.

My cousins nonchalantly chatted about their children's bowel movements. Perhaps as a consequence, little Julia provides a detailed description of each poop—a "blocky" one, a "mama, daddy and baby" one. I was personally on hand to witness the "swimming pool" one. I must note that this was not humorous in actuality—only when I, and my nose, was removed from the situation.

Toilet usage had become a new obsession for the parents and the kids. Cameron wanted to watch everyone go to the bathroom—for inspiration, I suppose. When the kids successfully used the toilet, everyone exalted and the kids got "tinkle mints".

I think I should institute a tinkle mint policy. Going to the bathroom has long ceased to be a novelty; in fact, it's a downright chore. Perhaps there'd be more spring in my step if I rewarded myself with a sweet dinner mint each time I used the bathroom.

ring around rosy

This photo does not highlight the potty-training season portion of my trip but an attempt at Ring-around-the-Rosy.

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