16 October 2005

periwinkle pout

For several months now I have been on the prowl for the perfect periwinkle duvet. It was to be the lynch pin in my room redecorating scheme. Instead, it's been a royal pain in my arse. Every option is too blue, too purple, too bright, too dark. I literally laid on the floor of Bed, Bath and Beyond out of decorating angst.

I opted to forge ahead with the decorating plan because I had some large blocks of time in which to paint. Choosing a paint color gives the illusion of control by the myriad color options, but, in addition to being overwhelming, a one inch piece of paper doesn't easily translate to a 11 foot wall.

I wanted a subtle periwinkle for the walls. I thought I played it safe—choosing a lighter version of what I might want, eschewing the more lilac-toned hues. Indeed, it's a safe color—calm, subtle and attractive—but blue. My periwinkle dream is cracking.

But I feel a little relieved; I've been released from the pursuit of perfect periwinkles. It can be a dream for a future bedroom, maybe in a house I own. I will embrace this blue, which is called periwinkle pout.

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