12 October 2005

four degrees of joni mitchell

Listening to these dulcet songs on Joni Mitchell's Hits album generates the following tangents:

Urge for Going: See the geese in chevron flight, Ms. Mitchell sings. And I think, hmmmm, chevron. What a nice word and quite unfortunate that an oil company bastardized it by naming itself with it. Also unfortunate that I knew of said company long before I knew the meaning of chevron. Much like I had heard of the car Intrepid before realizing it was a word before a car. Much like a jingle for BP Express ruined "I'll Take you There." And some company tainted "Everyday People". See a theme here?

- Circle Game: Growing up, I was obsessed with my parents' high school yearbooks. Undoubtedly, I looked through them more than they ever did/will. One year—1972?—featured the lyrics to this song in the book. I found it fittingly poignant as I browsed with a nostalgia for people I never knew—who my parents barely knew. I found who I would have been in 1972: Claudia Silverman. She looked like me, was newspaper editor and environmental club president.

- Big Yellow Taxi: Working at Famous Footwear in high school subjected me to a shitty cover of this song, causing me to loathe it—before I even heard the original. I called it the parking lot song, and, because of the corporation-controlled music loop, I heard it every other day I worked—along with "A Horse with No Name" and "Red Rubber Ball". However, the loop infinitely surpassed the true Muzak I heard at Kaufmann's. And that loop repeated every seven hours. Oh, the refrain of Muzaked "Sweet Caroline" still haunts me.

- Carey: Everytime Joni sings about "her mean ole daddy" I picture the Cary I pictured in The Girls of Canby Hall series. Proper Jane had dumped staid Neil for long blond haired Cary. He had an EARRING. What would the Sleepover Friends think?

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