08 September 2005

wet, sweatshop-free t-shirts

Ha! A great >skewering of those pesky, hyper-sexual American Apparel ads.

If you regularly visited Defamer, Cool Hunting or other sites, you were incessantly assaulted with the "Meet Melissa" American Apparel ad. Goody for her; she had won the company's wet t-shirt contest, so it featured her in an ad—in a shower, in a wet t-shirt, holding her boobs.

I was going to blog about American Apparel's smarmy CEO Dov Charney but realized the topic was overdone. Everyone talks about American Apparel's sexy ads, its skanky CEO, its progressive business practices but no one mentions a smaller detail—its t-shirt sizing. A woman's XL is more equivalent to a Medium. Although I have not seen its women's 2XL anywhere—including one of its stores—it appears to offer it on its web site. I can only imagine that would equal a Large size elsewhere. For many reasons, AA needs to put its progressive politics where its shirts are—on women's bodies.

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