11 September 2005

weekend round-up

• Note from roommate Leslie: "Since you guys nixed getting a pirate flag, can I call you both my housemateys?!"

• Why do I drink if it makes me so damn sneezy and stuffy sometimes?

• I got a speeding ticket on Sand Run Parkway. I didn't cry.

• At a family gathering this weekend, my great-aunt brought some family genealogical history she uncovered. She told us that her father came to America from Germany on Sept. 6, 1904. She added that her husband—of over 50 years—took her out to dinner on last Sept. 6. The reason he sweetly gave—just because if her father had not come to America, he would have never met her.

• A letter from grandma yields more coupons for cat food and cat litter.

• I'm mulling a possible direction my life could soon take. And it's not the decision of what sofa to buy—although that choice also weighs on my mind.

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