16 September 2005

soda break

I get much too excited to drink soda—even diet, sometimes particularly diet.

When I bring it to work, I allow myself the sweet brown nectar not before 11 a.m. Today I chose potential cancer over potential diabetes and went with Diet Pepsi, which is rather taboo in my Coca Cola-sponsored work place.

I prefer pop from the fountain with ample ice. This choice which does not fare well in Europe, along with my preference for Pepsi products; Coke rules Europe. (Not to be confused with coke, which rules Columbia).

I reckoned it's the fizziness that beguiled my taste buds, but substituting with fizzy fruit drinks only works to a degree. I don't drink it for the caffeine most of the time. In fact, a can or more can easily make me jittery and temporarily swear off the stuff.

But, like any good drunk, I'm back to the bottle of Dr. Pepper, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi. Oh, PepsiCo, release me from your devil grip!

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