27 September 2005


I watched I ♥ Huckabees this weekend, which stars Jason Schwartzman.

But I'm not going to talk about the film. I'm going to revisit a dream I once had, in which Jason Schwartzman was a star.

Simply, I walked along and saw this car–a mid-80s Buick or Pontiac. Similar to this one, but in butter yellow. And sans the ghetto-cruising tires

1985 Regal1

The significant feature of the car, though, was the front window. You know how some people "pimp" out their cars with lettering on top of the front window—reading "camaro" or something? Well, this car had that lettering, and it read "Schwartzman".

I watched the car drive by, hazily saw Jason Schwartzman cruisin' with his pals.

If I ever, ever have the urge to letter the front window of my car, I know what I'm getting, all right.

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