22 September 2005

the PD validates me

Every Sunday in the Plain Dealer PDQ section, "The Cleveland Blogosphere" quotes a sentence or two from a few NE Ohio blogs. Much discussion over its selections has bubbled in NEO blogs. Many feel that the quotes the PD chooses lack context or are just plain boring—not representative of the entire blogs.

I've thought this about the selected quotes, too. If the feature's objective is to show an honest cross-sample of blogs, then it succeeds. Because, hell, a lot of blogs are boring. But as a showcase of what's happening in the NEO blog world, it falls a little short.

So when Maura commented that she saw my blog quoted in the PD this past Sunday, I was a bit concerned that they picked a lame-ass quote. So I assiduously searched the Plain Dealer site and diligently googled, but, perhaps because its Cleveland Blogosphere selections rankled so many, no quotes were to be found.

I called my mama, insisted she send the orphans she was feeding back to the mean streets of Olmsted Falls so she could find my blog quote. That issue of the PD was on the treelawn (hear that, native Akronites? tree lawn, not devil strip!) with the trash. But she found it pretty easily—only got pricked once by my dad's used needles.

She laughed as she read it to me—it was my [allegedly] amusing joke about "showing my incision", which now must go into retirement for it's worn out its welcome.

Our humor was validated, not just by the Dr Pepper shot out of Katherine's nose or by Leslie's appreciative guffaws, but by a large newspaper.

Unless, of course, they chose it because it shows how lame my blog is. :o

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