28 September 2005

New York Times, I scooped you

I get a giddy little jolt when I see Akron mentioned somewhere other than the BJ or PD. It's like watching a movie—on slow motion—to catch a blurry glimpse at an extra, who went to your high school—but 10 years before.

Today in my regular perusal of boing boing, I noticed Akron had blipped on the national radar. And not for sucking! The site noted an article in the New York Times about a psychology museum in Akron.

The NYT stroked my hometown ego but also my personal ego. I wrote a story for Northern Ohio Live about these Archives of the History of American Psychology a year and a half ago. Take that, NYT! Alas, I can't claim to personally have scooped it; I was assigned the story.

Regardless, the "museum" is pretty damn cool. In a basement of a building in downtown Akron, there's more than 1,000 bizarre instruments of psychology's past. Including the BF Skinner crib and the Milgram "shock" generator. There's also the largest collection of psychologists' papers in the world.

Did I mention it's in Akron?

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