01 September 2005

i'm it

Bec tagged me in an Internet game to name five random things about yourself.

1. Last night I took off the pants I was wearing and noticed green, red and yellow streaks on the butt. It wasn't the result of sitting among creative projects like paintings or anything. Turns out I sat on some sprinkles from my cookie.

2. I can do a really good man voice. It sounds like a very deep-voiced gay man.

3. I don't have a plan for my life. This may seem very elementary or implicit for some, but I have always found comfort and control in planning and organizing. After graduating, I freaked out, subconsciously knowing I did no have a plan or particular direction. While I currently have job and home stability to give me that sense of comfort and control, I have no particular plans for the future. This could sound horribly lazy, but anyone who knows me knows that's not the case. I'm just open to many avenues my life could take. It is kind of exciting.

4. Today I am wearing a thin gold ring with a small chip of a diamond. It is the promise ring my father gave to my mother in high school.

5. This morning I used hair conditioner that really makes me happy. I love the scent and it lingers in my hair all day. The brand is Clariol Daily Defense but not the current line; it's the discontinued line before they reformulated a couple years ago. So I can't find it anywhere and have to savor this bottle.

now I tag Bridget.

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