07 September 2005

design trends i can't get behind

As a child, I never thought I'd ever want towels or furniture, as my mother seemed to do. Now, of course, I fawn over such items. I subscribe to Domino, Budget Living, and Home magazines. I love Design*Sponge and its ilk.

While I have my own tastes, I can't help but be influenced by the repetition of design trends from my constant consumption of these resources. However, a couple recent trends make me vomit a little in my mouth. Here's a few:

Lucite furniture


Just like transparent purses, I just can't appreciate clear furniture. Looking at pieces like this reminds me of cheap plexiglass, which scratches into translucent ugliness.

Antler chandeliers

antler chandelier

...or antler anything. Antlers belong on animals not hanging over family dinners. Even if they are fake, the kitschy sentiment is not compelling.

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