01 August 2005

a fetish for everyone

I think most bloggers wonder just who is reading their blog. Why else would we put site meters or look at blog statistics? Other than my counter, I don't have any sophisticated technology that provides me feedback. So I do wonder exactly who stumbles my way and how.

That curiosity intensifies if someone I don't know leaves a comment. The lurkers become more tangible. My curiosity was piqued by Chris' comment recently. His comment didn't even allude to the post under which he remarked; it hearkened back to my Hiccup post a month ago.

I know two guys named Chris, and they both don't visit the blog, to my knowledge. And the comment seemed out of character for either of them. So I figured the note was from a lurker, who finally decided to unveil himself somewhat. Bizarre way to do so, but whatever. My life, thankfully, is full enough not to dwell too much on this oddity.

Until today. I receive an e-mail from my roommate. He received an email requesting the sound file of my hiccups. Indeedy, folks. Someone out there hankers for my hiccups. Apparently, said emailer runs a hiccup fetish site. Was this a joke? A quick google says probably not.

Type in "hiccup fetish" and you find nearly 2,000 results. The Hiccup Lovers site appears to be the hub for non-X-rated hiccup fetishizing. There you will find hiccup fantasy stories. Or better (worse?) yet real life hiccup tales, like Hiccups at the Post Office or Yet Another Case in English Class. (It's Chaucer, isn't it? He causes the hiccups.)

The site surveyed its readership about their hiccup proclivities, and the results are actually interesting. While hiccups turn these people on, most did not comment gratuitiously about sex. Many--both men and women—reasoned that they enjoyed watching/listening to people with hiccups because of the uncontrollable nature of the spasms. Several also mentioned they liked to watch people's embarassment or spontaneous movements due to hiccups.

I suppose of all the fetishes out there (and I can barely imagine all of them) hiccups are rather innocent. I don't condemn hiccup lovers, but I don't know that I would give them more fodder.

I surmised that if a hiccup fetish exists so must a belching fetish; a cursory google search confirmed it. So chances are, a man with both hiccup and belching fetishes exists. If he knew me—my burping frequency and outlandish hiccups, I would be his absolute dream woman.

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